Privacy Problems

I stopped hiding things from my parents just in time to start hiding them from my children. Unfortunately, children are snoopy, sneaky little creatures, who don’t listen to a word I say. This means that a child found my blog, my twitter, and my hidden secrets.

Instead of listening when I explained very patiently and repeatedly that my writing wasn’t suitable for children, wasn’t meant for their eyes, and was anonymous for a reason, this child shared her discovery with an adult who didn’t have anything to do with what I write, me, or my life- but who is involved in the child’s life, and therefore takes an interest in the people who are also involved- which includes reading a blog that upset a child.

I could go on and on about respect and privacy and snooping, but in the end, the results are the same: an adult who knows me peripherally took away my freedom to be myself in a place I took precautions to feel safe in. The hidden camera in my house had been patched in to a CNN newsfeed, if you will.

The simple fact is this: my blog will never be my safe place again. It’s stopped being an anonymous landing zone for all of the crazy that is my life, and has now become fodder for a person who only knows me by association to use as judgement.

As much as I have an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude about most things, I do give a fuck about the effects my words and actions have on the children in my life. This was my entire reason for never posting personal details or pictures of the children or myself in the first place. The was the reason I hid it from them, didn’t use names, and kept my mouth shut about what I wrote.

It was also the reason the people in my real life were never given the address or invited to be a part of my inner sanctum- I could be completely honest if I were completely anonymous.

For now, all of my past posts have been made private. There may come a time when I return in some form to blogging, but it won’t be here, the place where my soul was laid bare, exposed to the masses, and made available to those in a position to use my honesty against me.

If you follow me on twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin, LinkedIn, or Google+ expect that I’ll be changing those outlets too, probably within the next day or so.

It’s been one helluva run, and I’ve made some pretty awesome connections that I hope will continue to be a part of my writing life in some form, but this blog’s shelf life has come to an end.